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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Have A Story

I have a story I need to tell, it is wrapped up tight inside my heart, but it needs to come out. I don't think I can do it here because the person I will write about would hate that. But I am thinking of another blog - a private one - maybe I would invite a few people to see it when it is finished, or maybe earlier, but I don't know. Has anyone else got a private blog that no one else is invited to read? Did you have one that started that way but then you opened it up to the world, or just some invited guests. How did it make you feel?

I just know I need to tell it, if not for me, for the person it is about, so that they understand.


  1. I have a few that I have made private. One that I had only as invite only was the one about my kids. After a very nasty internet friends group break up and horrible comments were made about me and my children I made it private. It was a relief to do so as I knew exactly who was viewing the blog and didn't have to worry about those peoples intentions while reading it.

    I also have many files on my computer which I will probably never read again and certainly will not let anyone else read, but they were stories that needed to be told at the time. I think that if you have a story that needs to come out then you should write it Kakka. The relief that you will feel once you get it out with be worth it, and it might also help you work through it whatever it may be (I find spilling the story therapeudic..but that's just me :) )

  2. I don't have a private blog, but I know of many who do specifically because of the reason you mention here.

    I agree with what Jen wrote. Even if you don't publish it in a blog, get it written down. And good luck to you!!

  3. I have private blog that I started a long long time ago, when I lost my first baby back in 2002. It is still private. Although I have since found myself able to share it wth lovely husband.

    But the spilling of the words to somewhere where you know it can stay safe is valuable. Like Jen says: theraputic.

  4. Thank you ladies for your thoughts. I will start it privately and then share it with the person I am writing about. If they would like me to share with others then I will. I really appreciate your continued and on-going support of me and my blog. xxx

  5. I don't, but I have a private online diary. I've thought about it, going through the divorce now. I'd like a place where I can write more honestly, that feels less public, where I could just invite certain trusted friends in. You can do that with an online diary, just invite certain individuals, whereas a blog is part of the public domain.

  6. I don't have a private blog, but I did keep journals for a long time, especially when I lost my baby, and nobody has read those. Not even I have re-read much of them.

    You could consider posting on the 'Things I Can't Tell You' blog too, if it is a one off type of thing you want to write. Maybe a bit later though when it seems less obvious after this post....

  7. Late last year I had a nasty issue with a stalker on my blog, so I'm quite hesitant to reveal anything too deeply personal lest it be used in some agressive and awful way. It definitely censors my writing and I HATE that, but I don't know how else to handle the situation. I would love to share more.

  8. Thanks Sofie, Allie, KB and Rianna for your comments. This story is bigger than one post, and so I will most likely just write it on my computer and keep it for me. I won't really know until it is finished. Thanks for your concern Sof, I am fine, this is just something I have held on tight to for too long. xxx

    @Rianna, so sorry to here of your problems, how horrible that would be. xxx

  9. Glad to hear you're okay. Hey, I was thinking of giving you a call some time this weekend... what time would be good for you? Work wise etc? xx

  10. Everyone has private thoughts, secrets, life experiences and just 'stuff' that they hold dear to them because it is too scary to let it out! Of all the judgers of the world, we are the biggest judgers of our own lives. I don't think that anything that you can reveal could scare me. And most of all anything that you say could ever change how you are to me.... take the leap. angels bless and it will give you control but most of all it will give you inner peace....and lets face it...that is the most important result that you can wish for. it is not about anyone else but you. It is all about you ok. take care and angels bless you whilst you grapple with your truth. ok. Know that we love you no matter what. Always ok. Take the leap. I will be there no matter what you want and where you fall ok. Your sister always.

  11. We all have private stories - that is our life...and the bits that just don't fit in sharing. Do what you can and share with who you want if that is what you want to do. Share where you can and be glad that you can.

  12. I have a number of blogs, some private, some public and one that is both. livejournal.com is the one I use when I want to be able to post things where I control who can see what. It allows me to post something viewable by everyone, viewable by people I have friended on livejournal or a selection of those I have friended. Perhaps that forum would suit what you need to write :)

  13. I hope you're alright, sweet K. I'm thinking of you.

    Reentering the blogosphere, you're one of the first people I wanted to touch base with. I hope you get to write your post, wherever you post it, I hope it helps.

    Love to you,


  14. You have me very worried thinking that there is something in your life that is of such concern to you.
    I know the psychologist I saw (when suffering pangs of regret after you know who hung up on me and didn't speak to me again) told me that it is good to put down your feelings in writing.
    I only wish whatever it is you are bottling up was something you could confide about to me but obviously it is not. I am here if ever you need to unburden yourself and I am sure you are aware of that. I'd like to feel you were confident enough about me to do so.
    Definitely write down whatever it is that is worrying you or better still draw a picture. That too I am told is therapeutic.



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