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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Water Walking A New Pool - Take 2

After work today JB and I tried out a new pool. The complex has a 8 lane 50 metre outdoor pool and a 6 lane 25 m indoor pool and a toddler pool.

The outdoor pool is 1.4 m at the shallow end and 1.97 m at the deep end. The 25m indoor pool is 1.2 m for the whole pool.

We chose to try outside where there was no a lane set aside for walkers, but a free lane with no one swimming in it at the time.

You had to climb down the ladder, not walk down steps in the outdoor pool, which worried me a lot as I have no upper body strength, or leg strength and was worried how I would boost myself out. JB and I worked out a strategy, she would push me up and if needed I would pull her up. I can hear the fit and young ones out there going What??? But I was really concerned. Still in we got, the water felt coldish when we first got in, but more than okay once we were in.
Both of us were enjoying ourselves in the water until ... cramp - that's right my PITA left foot started to cramp. I could not walk it out in the water so I thought I have to get out and walk, so that is what I did. That's right - all by myself, cramp and all, so I must have more strength in my arms or my legs than I did last time I tried to use the ladder to get out of a pool.

After 5 mins of walking around out of the pool using JB's crocs (Mum they are a type of shoe) to help release the cramp, I got back in (still wearing the crocs) and continued to walk the cramp out then started jogging again.

Being deeper than our normal pool we had less room to do our warm up walking so this might have contributed to the cramp. We might use both pools in future and do the warm up inside before moving outside.

There is no outdoor clock so we lost track of time, and thought we had only been in there for about 45 mins when we got out. Once we got to the car I realised it was probably closer to 70 mins in reality.

Getting back out at the end of swimming should have been a breeze, and was until I got to the top step and cramp (this time in my left calf and right foot) hit. Still it didn't take much to get it to release.

I am so over my body trying to sabotage me (well that is how it feels). JB, the gorgeous soul that she is, gave me a big, big hug and kiss on the cheek, as she could see how down I was about this whole cramp issue.

Still, we are going back tomorrow, after work. We may have found the pool, at least until it gets too cold. But today, I also heard abut a 50m indoor pool that is not that far from where we work either.

See you at the Pool.


  1. Would bananas help with the cramps?

  2. My physio was talking about cramps and apparently magnesium is good but can also make you go to the loo if you have too much. I know you drink plenty of water and do have salt so stretching is the only other solution I have...hamstring stretches before and after exercise.
    You still haven't said where the pool is that you went to. I would be interested to know.

  3. I'm with Mimsie, I've heard about magnesium and also potassium (which is in bananas) and salt I think too. Just wanted to say, good on you for pushing forward with finding a new pool.

  4. Glad you seem to be succeeding in your quest for a new pool. Cramps are hideous critters aren't they? Must say that I swear by magnesium for PMT and am just about to start researching a story on it - shall let you know what I hear about cramps!



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