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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Water Walking Wrap Up Weeks 10 & 11

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Well the Pool officially closed on Thursday 1st April - and I went twice that day - once at 6am for 90 mins and once at 5pm for just over an hour.

Week 10 I went 6 times - missed one day due to the pool being closed after the storm, it was also closed on the Weds morning, but I went later in the day when it reopened. Did around 55 mins each week day and just over 90 mins on the Sat and Sunday.

Week 11 - the last week of the pool being opened, I went 5 times in 4 days (as mentioned above) doing 60 mins Mon-Weds and having the mega day on the Thursday.

I am sad the pool has closed, I am really not looking forward to changing my routine as it was right for me, but I am determined to try 2 new pools to see how I go. I have an agreement to meet up with a mother and daughter that I meet at our pool at 5.30 am on the Weds after Easter at the closest heated pool - 15 mins drive from home. I am trying not to prejudge, but it is smaller, indoors and very busy.

I plan to check out the pool near work, for going on the way home rather than before work, on Monday or Tuesday - this pool offers both indoor and outdoor pools all through winter.

There is something about being outdoors that seems right for me, fresh air being the best benefit.

I also had a blood test a little over a week ago (3 monthly blood glucose thingy) and I had hoped that my exercise would have bought the levels down - the bad news is no (well .01 drop) so I feel pretty bummed by that. The good news though is that my blood pressure is the best it has been for ages 120/78 and my doctor weighed me. She last weighed me in Sept 2009 and when she weighed me Thursday I had lost 3 kgs exactly. She was really excited and encouraging. Me, felt a little - ho hum about that - I have made it foremost in my mind that I can not make this journey about weight loss - I get too disheartened when I do that - I need to loose nearly half of myself to be in my ideal weight range. My doctor would be happy if I lost 25 kgs - even that seems too huge a number to me. So, yes I am happy to lose 3kgs, but not over the moon happy. When you are large like me no-one notices 3kgs so you don't get the wow, you look thinner comments. You look in the mirror and you still see fat - because lets face it you still are fat. Still as one of my lovely sisters commented last night a kilo a month equals 12 kilos in a year. Now that I might just be able to handle.

See you at the pool - albeit a new one!!


  1. First of all, I love how committed you are to the pool and the water walking, and I really hope that the outdoor pool works for you. (I agree with you re the outdoor pool thing.)

    The 3kg thing is interesting. I know you do not have the intention of making this about the scales, so feel free to ignore this, but if you do have access to a scale that measures water, fat and muscle, those should be the only sclaes you get on. Then you can see that the exercise you are doing is changing your body, your proportions of fat to muscle will be changing so brilliantly........

  2. I have given you an award. You can get it from here: http://whiningattheworld.blogspot.com/2010/04/beautiful-blogger-award.html

  3. I like your sister's outlook! Congrats to you for sticking to a pretty intense routine! Yay, YOU!! Good luck with finding a new pool!!

  4. Great minds think alike E.

    Award at my blog too, lol.

  5. You are so committed!! I love swimming, it's such a great gentle exercise..and tones you too!!

  6. So great to see how much you love the pool. I understand that the 3kg isn't that exciting but a loss is a loss and you are healthier for it so well done!!



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