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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Hard Decision

I have decided to limit my time spent in front of the computer when at home. On average I spend between 8 to 9 hours in front of a computer at work. I found that when I came home I logged on and spent another 3-4 hours in front of the computer at home each night and a fair amount of each day and night on the weekends - blogging (writing mine and reading and commenting on others), FaceBook, private emails etc.

I have become jaded, I have lost touch with my books and other things I love to do. So for the month of June I am limiting myself to blogging only on the weekends (Friday nights-Sunday nights) and just one other day during the week. That doesn't mean I won't be coming over to visit you, just that it won't be a daily visit. I hope you don't mind as I really do love you all, but my sanity and eyes as well as brain and heart need a break. If I have time I will schedule some posts as I really do like to blog but I am giving myself a break from the need to blog. Wish me luck as I think I am an addict.


  1. Make that time for yourself: it will make you happier and richer in spirit. (These blogs will all still be here!) xx

  2. Good luck friend. I know what you mean.

  3. You should think of reading "The Brain That Changes Itself". It's completely changed the way I interact with things in my environment - be it computer usage/TV/music/books/magazines - because they all put down different neural pathways in our brains. The fact is that we were not designed to spend heaps of time in front of a screen of any sort, and it actually distorts our ability to process things that arent from a 'screen'. So go for it friend! You can do it!! I'd be interested to hear if you feel a change for the better - since I've been vigilant about it I've felt a lot calmer. xoxo



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