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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big and Little

I have been blessed with 2 beautiful grand-daughters - one born in Sept 1996, the other in Feb 2008.

My first grand-daughter spent all those years wishing for a cousin, she used to regularly talk to me about the fact she had no siblings and no cousins.

My second grand-daughter was born in Sydney and so while CT now had a cousin she did not see her until April when IR and her Mum and Dad flew to Perth. CT was so excited, at the airport while we were waiting for the plane to arrive she must have asked every 5 mins if it was there yet. She almost knocked her Mum and I out of the way when they walked into the arrivals area.

They met again in September 2008 when CT and her Mum flew to Sydney.

Then again in late October 2008 when IR and her parents again visited us here in Perth.

CT was overjoyed when she found out that IR and her parents were relocating back to Perth in January 2009.

The relationship between the 2 cousins is beautiful to watch. Big CT is so patient, little IR just wants all CT's attention when they see each other. Both of them talk to me all the time about the other.

This grandmother is so spoiled to have both her beautiful grand-daughters now in the same State.

My Big and Little, just meant to be there for each other.

Here are a few photos of the Big and the Little that take up a huge part of my heart.

Their first meeting in April 2008

Sharing a banana in Sydney in Sept 2008

Swimming together in Sydney 2008

Their first merry-go-round ride in Sydney, I love the IR is looking to CT for assurance

In our backyard, Oct 2008

Easter 2009, playing together

Ct showing IR her new pet snake - a 13th birthday present, Sept 2009

CT showing IR how to bowl at CT's friends party, Sept 2009

IR helping CT with her cake, Sept 2009

Reading together, Dec 2009

Tree trimming, Dec 2009

It's nice to have a big cousin to lift you up with you are little, Dec 2009

and to have a big cousin to help you learn to jump and catch you when you fall,
Christmas Day 2009

CT helping IR blow out the candles, Feb 2010

Helping IR play with her presents, Feb 2010

Sharing fun times together, March 2010

Enjoying our icecream, March 2010


  1. Bless. There's nothing like the love between cousins. My gal adores hers - there's such a special bond. Glad to see your two girls love each other so.

  2. How beautiful. Your heart must be so full seeing them enjoy and know each other so closely. Lovely :)



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