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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Colours of Friday - Lime Green

Yes I know I am late again, but if you have read my last post you will know I have been busy shopping at a certain Big Blue store.

Melissa @ Suger Coat It deemed Friday 11th June as Lime Green Friday - head on over to see her take on this vibrant 'in your face' colour.

My take is nature based, as this is what I normally take photos of. So without further ago - Lime Green as only Mother Earth can present, slightly more subtle and just beautiful to look at:

Tassel Plant, Walpole, WA

Port Lincoln/28 Parrot

Water Lilies - Silent Grove, Kimberley WA

Grass in morning light - Margaret River, WA

Lichen on fallen tree - Walpole, WA

Light of setting sun in foliage - Silent Grove, Kimberley WA

Grass in morning light, Margaret River, WA


  1. Beautiful shots Kakka. And isn't lime green gorgeous in nature? Whenever humans replicate it lime green comes out so garish - but these photos show that it's a beautiful hue. Thanks for sharing x

  2. LOVE the lime green theme! I think these pics may be my favorite (especially the bird!)!!

  3. Love the grass! And the parrot. By the way, me wearing some Australian flag:


  4. Wow. Nature kicked the synthetic lime green butt. Beautiful shots love!

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