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Friday, June 25, 2010

Colours of Friday - All Natural Orange

Colours of Friday is the brainchild of Melissa over at Suger Coat It. Mel is taking a little sabbatical from her Colours meme but in honour of her valiant effort and lovely blog. Today I am choosing Orange in all its natural beauty (sorry Melissa I know you suggested multi or rainbow, but there are many shades of orange you will find here so hopefully that will honour your suggestion).

All photos are taken by moi unless otherwise mentioned

We start with flowers ...
in various glorious shades of orange,
and that beautiful rose and frangipani are in my garden - aren't I lucky

Then we move to sunsets ...
the bottom one taken by my daughter during the huge March storm here in Perth

And onto rocks
of the magnificent Devonian Reef found in the Kimberley

And lastly but in no ways least - something not natural
but just gorgeous anyway - one of my handbags.


  1. Lovely shots, and yes, gorgeous handbag!

  2. You inspired me to post my own colours. I love orange. I REALLY love Fridays.

  3. I can still get my fix then!




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