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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nice Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon my eldest daughter and I went to see Sex and The City. Splurged on Gold Class tickets. It was a long movie, but it didn't feel long, so it must have kept my attention.

I am not a big SATC fan, I don't mind bits and pieces but have never watch all the TV series episodes. My daughter is a huge fan. Overall is was entertaining, some of the humour I found a little ho hum, but it kept true to the characters.

Charlotte's confession about how she felt about being a mother touched a cord with me. Had to laugh at her 'how do Mums without help do it?' line.

I like the fact the the girls all look their age and maybe Liza could learn a thing or two from them. I mean how plastic is that face, I am surprised she could sing at all. And maybe she was just miming.

So all in all a great relaxing afternoon for the last day of my holidays.


  1. LOL Kakka, you were sooooo tactful compared to my scathing review of the movie (went last night). I am a huge fan, I was so disappointed though :( There were other women enjoying it in the (very sparsely packed) theatre, so perhaps I'm in the minority.

    Btw, love what you've done with the blog, darls! It looks gorgeous.

  2. So glad to hear they looked their age. I'm with you, ENOUGH with the plastic surgery already!!



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