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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Lives In Your Purse/Wallet

In my purse there are numerous plastic cards - so many I have trouble fitting them all in - credit cards, health insurance/medicare cards, store loyalty cards, bank debit cards, driver's licence, frequent flyer card. Then there are numerous store receipts I have yet to take out and give to my accountant (read hubby). I also have many appointment cards - hairdresser, beautician x 2, massage, doctors, etc. There are business cards - mine to give out and some others given to me. I have some cash, some coins and the cute passport photo of my little grand-daughter from when we went to Singapore.

But the one thing that I am proud to have in my wallet is this

That's right I have chosen to be an organ donor. It is a choice I made about 20 odd years ago. I am passionate about having the chance to save or change another person's life if at all possible when I die. I have spoken to my family about my choice as ultimately they will be asked to approve my choice if the circumstances of my death allow a donation. They better say yes as otherwise I will come back and haunt them. Do you have one of this life-saving/life-changing cards in your wallet, have you made the choice.

I once saw a sticker that said -

Please Don't Take Your Kidneys To Heaven - God Knows We Need Them Here.

What more can be said. Australia needs more donors. I know it is horrible to think that you or someone you love may be taken too soon in tragic circumstances, but the reality is that it happens, I just want my family to know that it is okay to say yes if they are ever asked the question.

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  1. I know that some people don't donate due to religious reasons but otherwise I can't think of why you wouldn't be a donor. I have been one since a child and although we have discussed it (hubby and I) we haven't signed up the kids. I think that heaven forbid if it came to it that would be my choice, I think it's time for a donor talk again with hubby.



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