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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Challenge

I recently read of a challenge where you take a photo every day of the year and blog about it - that's 365 photos and posts - it intrigued me. But I know my limitations eg amount of time once I am back to work and motivation to switch my brain on to do something once I get home. Just doesn't seem likely that I would do it so instead I have decided that February will be the month I take a photo every day and then blog about it. Would you like to join me?


  1. oh oh pick me! Yes I'm in! I take pics (as you probably know) every day as it is. Where did you read about it?

  2. I'm in. I have my gratitude challenge in January, so might try the photo challenge in Feb.

    Thanks, Karen. <3 <3

  3. Thanks Amanda and Melissa - look forward to your photos - Amanda for the whole of 2010 and Melissa for Feb when I will be doing mine, I wonder if anyone else will put their hand up. Hugs from Perth xxx

  4. Maybe... I'd like to, and seeing as February is the shortest month it might be the one to go for! I'm not that much of a photographer though, might be alot of pics of the kids and dog!

  5. LOL Alliecat - you saw through my ruse - that is why I chose Feb as well. Would love for you to join and photos of kids and your dog - why not, not sure I have much to photograph either but it could be fun. Hugs from Perth xxx



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