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Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 1 Water Walking Wrap Up

Week 1 Wrap Up: 3 sessions completed, Day 1 40 mins, Day 2 45 mins and Day 3 normal walking 30 mins and deep water walking with aid of noodle 10 mins (and some almost drowning while I tried to sort out my legs when deep water walking - wasn't really almost drowning, just being out of control and slowly sliding over onto my side - someone should have had a camera). JB and I certainly had fun this morning.

Week 2 will be another 3 day week then Week 3 will step up to 5 days with the 3 long sessions followed by a shorter session the next day. Will need to take it easy on Day 1 next week as I had an injection into my L4/5 facet joint this morning and the advice was 'take it easy' - so that I will.


  1. Oh bravo!! Gosh I am loving reading all about you fantastic women making such positive changes.

    I want to hug the lot of you!!

  2. Thanks Sofie and Donna for your wonderful support.

    Oh and Donna you are one of my inspiring women, you put the idea into my head with your journey last year - have left you an award on my other blog - check it out


    Hugs from Perth xxx



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