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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Dilemma

When I won a recent blog award I had to blog about 10 things you didn't know about me, remember that Number 1 was my loathing for cockroaches? No, well check here.

Thursday night, blissfully working on my computer, and what should appear right in front of me - yep you guessed it a cockroach - so quick scream, while propelling myself backward in my chair across the room, thankfully it has wheels - although on carpet not an easy task, and trying to watch where it went (the cockroach not the chair) so my hubby could come and kill it for me. He comes running with flyspray in hand (as soon as he hears a scream from me he knows there is something to kill), by this time the bloody thing has disappeared from view even though I am watching it (I think they have cloaking devices - fellow StarTrek fans will know what I mean). So hubby sprays in the general direction.

Now another thing I revealed in my 10 thing post (point number 9) was that I stack things, mainly papers, on flat surfaces, well my desk it flat - go figure what is stacked there. And obviously that was where the cockroach had run. So out it comes staggering around, all the time I am over in the corner near the door ready to run into the hall if it somehow launches itself in my general direction (and this wasn't even a flying one). But worst of all, another one also appears out the papers - I mean to say since when do they eat paper? And of course the first dose of flyspray does nothing to kill them, it just pisses them off and makes them run everywhere. So here is hubby trying to kill two, which obviously have a plan of attack as they go in different directions. Being the hunter that he is, he manages to get them both, which was not an easy task as one ended up under the desk and the other on top of the desk.

So I decide it is time for me to put this particular pile of papers and stuff away, with hubby shaking everything to make sure there are no more retched things hiding in there to scare me. You know my life philosophy - good out of bad - well here is a classic example - now my desk is pretty much clear of papers.

Phew, disaster averted.

Yeah right, less than 30 minutes later out of the corner of my eye, what do I spy, another bloody cockroach as bold as brass, sitting on the shelf next to my photo albums, which by the way is right next to where I am sitting. Another scream, and my warrior is back with the trusty can of flyspray and the battle begins again, with my retreating to the other side of the room.

Now this is my study, there are no food stuffs in my study, so what is attracting them here, and why do they only come out at night - go figure what is in the brain of a cockroach - I can't.

So I decide to buy one of those aerosol puffy flyspray things to have in my study, that should keep the buggers away.

But now I have a dilemma - this particular flyspray has a strong perfumed scent and if you remember point 7 in the same blog post - I am allergic to all forms of perfume.

So I sit here now with regular squirts of flyspray permeating the room and while I sit here sneezing my head off with my sinuses going haywire it is safe in the knowledge there are no more cockroaches - but at what price. Of course, knowing my luck, our cockroaches are immune to flyspray and are happily hiding just waiting to jump out at me tonight or worse still moving to the next room of the house - my bedroom.

So remove the flyspray thingy and give my sinuses a break and risk the cockroaches coming back or just start taking more anti-histamines?


  1. I did a few google searches and according to this one, the sprays and bombs don't work on keeping them away for long so I don't think its worth upsetting your sinuses for them:


    They suggest making a borax based paste and wiping it around the corners of the room (recipe is there too).

    Here's a couple of other sites with helpful suggestions for keeping them away:


  2. Thanks so much Amanda - I have turned the spray off as it was just too much after only 1/2 a day. So will give these a go - got to love Google, don't know why I didn't think of searching. xxx



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