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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Menopausal Brain - Madness

Time : just before Christmas

Scene : our kitchen

Premise : Hubby about to go to Brumbys for bread


Me - Honey while you are there can you get some hot cross buns for Christmas Day

Him - Pardon?

Me - You know, can you see if they still have any hot cross buns left I said I would bring some

Him - What?

Me (thinking he is deaf so saying it slight louder) - hot cross buns - 3 boxes please

Him - Why would you want hot cross buns?

Me - What are you talking about, are you mad?

Him - Honey that is what you said 3 times, think about it.

Me (after thinking about it) - Right that is what I said, but you know what I meant - fruit mince pies!!

Time : New Year's Eve (at midnight)

Scene : Our friends loungeroom

Premise : kiss each other to celebrate

What actually occurred: I kissed hubby on the cheek instead of the mouth, he was aiming for my mouth, but for some reason I aimed for his cheek. Then we spent 5 mins laughing ourselves silly. My only defence I had kissed someone else on the cheek when they left about 30 mins earlier (poor excuse I know).

So ladies, watch out for these signs of menopausal madness - I am sure there will be many more to come.


  1. Oh man, this is coming up fast for me. Oh, but that's right, my brain never recovered from pregnancy labotomy so I won't be any different!

  2. Oh Madmother, I am sure you have many more years to go before this thing called menopause catches up with you. xxx

  3. You would be surprised - I was a late birther, lol.



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