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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Wish I Knew

When my m-i-l died she left a lot of untold stories, probably some she didn't even know herself, including this one. When we where dividing up her bits and pieces (boy that sounds callus) we found 4 very old material and cardboard postcards, sent to my m-i-l's mother during the 1st World War. All the children took one of the four and to make it random they drew the cards blindly. The one we got was a Happy Birthday Postcard, beautifully embroidered with the following message on the back.

Dear Flo

Just a card and a little present from London for your 19th birthday. Will you let me know if you receive them. I am up on my 4 days leave I will tell you all about it later. It may be a little late but still better late than never. This is all for the present dear. Errol.

This would have bee sent in 1917 - who was Errol - he doesn't appear to be her brother as I can only find sisters in my genealogy search, he is not her husband who she married when she was about 22 - his name was Keith. He wasn't her father either. Maybe a cousin?

Who he was and what happened to him - I wish I knew, but it is another story left floating in time.

My imagination thinks he was a boyfriend who didn't return from the war - although there was no love written on the card or even any kisses. But that sort of seems romantic although tragic.


  1. Ooh yes, I'd be dying to know too! What a gorgeous handmade card.

  2. I'd want to know. My father often talks about a business he'd love to start. He says he'd love to sit with old people (he's only 55) and help them archive their things, save them for posterity. He says far too often things get divided up, thrown away and lost forever. It makes him so sad, because he says so often there are wonderful stories to be told.

    Sounds like your MIL and her mother have a story too.



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