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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sentimental Sundays - A Grandfather Never Known

Aubrey John - 17.2.1896-17.11.1940

This is the only photo I have of my paternal Grandfather, taken with my aunt on his shoulders in about 1924-25.

My Grandma's second husband was my Grandpa and it was not until I was a teenager that I even knew that Grandfather Aubrey even existed.

So I know little about this Grandfather of mine. My Grandmother did not speak of him at all to me and I believe through bits and pieces that he did not treat her that well. My father was only 8 when he died and does not have a lot of memories of him either and so he is in a sense my Grandfather Never Known.

The bare facts I do know are that he was a champion amateur cyclist and a qualified electrician and he died of a melanoma that was on his back and not diagnosed until it was well and truly in his blood system.

When I started the genealogy journey through our families I visited our cemetery to find his grave in a state of disrepair with his name spelled incorrectly ... part of me feels I would love to know more about this man with the black hair and strong face, but there are some stories that are never told.


  1. Oh that is so interesting. He sure was a handsome dude! Can you tell me what the headstone reads? It's hard to see on the screen.

  2. How sad that part of your family history has been lost. I wish fervently that I had tried to trace our family history when I was younger, but I'm afraid it's too late now. I wonder what other secrets our families hold?

  3. PS - you've been tagged! http://kellyansapansa.blogspot.com/2010/01/apparently-i-am-beautiful.html

  4. Your Auntie Verna was about 18 years of age when her dad died so I am sure she would be able to answer many of your questions re your grandfather. I do know he loved fishing and shooting (remind you of anyone?) and spent a lot of time up at his beach shack with family and friends. We do have photographs of him on his bike during races.



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