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Monday, January 4, 2010

Will It Be Sentimental Sundays or Memories on Mondays?

My eldest daughter over at childhood101 posted about holidays when she was little, which got me thinking as I was going through my photo album of her (to let her know how old she was in this photo) that I really should scan a lot of my old photos. This in turn led me to contemplate sharing a photo and the story behind it. Now should I do it as Sentimental Sundays or Memories on Mondays? Let me know what you think, and while you do that I will start with the stories (yes there is a recent and an older story) behind this photo.

This photo was taken in 1974 at the beach at Gracetown in the South West of Australia. I was around 18 1/2 and Christie probably around 14 months. My first hubby built a shack at Gracetown with his Dad over a number of years and we used to go down there every spare moment we had. We loved the relaxed atmosphere, he would go surfing and Christie and I would go swimming (this was before my fear of sharks got out of hand, but I would only go if I could see the sandy bottom) and we would all go fishing for herring or whiting. During that summer we lived at Bunbury (also south of Perth) right over from the road from the beach and every morning I would take Christie over there to play - it was the only time I have ever had a tan that lasted any length of time. I really enjoyed those mornings on the beach, we were back home by 10.30 so never got sunburnt.

Now the new story - Christie asked me on FB how to round corners on a photo for her post. She then said something like you will laugh when you see which ones I am using (there was another of just her). I replied - I might grimace if it is one of me. To which she replied, well it is of you looking windswept, then she wrote and buxom. I replied, the one of me in the water with you at Gracetown? She was puzzled how I had guessed - well - this is the only pic of me in bathers where I look both windswept and buxom and so how could I ever forget. Oh, and this was me, when I still loved the way I looked so another reason not to forget.

So, shall is be Sentimental Sundays or Memories on Mondays? Look forward to your thoughts.


  1. I vote Memories on Mondays (because then I can join in - more blogging time on MOndays, lol).

    Great photo.

  2. I like Sentimental Sundays, not sure why, probably just because it rolls off the tongue nicely. Still either one will work and I look forward to reading more about it. Now you need to design yourself a little theme 'button' to put on each time you post.
    1974 - that was the year I was born.
    PS. Yes, buxom indeed and a great pic of you both!

  3. Sentimental Sundays gets the vote for me, I like how it sounds. Cute photo!

  4. I'm looking forward to this x



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