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Friday, May 7, 2010

There's Klingons on the Starboard Bow Jim

Not sure if I ever told you before, but I probably have, that I am a big Star Trek fan, right back to the old series - 'beam me up Scotty'.

Those of you who too love all things Star Trek will remember the cloaking device the Romulans had on their star ships.

Well sometimes I feel like I have my own personal cloaking device.

What is she on about? I hear you ask.

Well, I was raised to be polite, to be aware of others - not just their feelings, but that there are actually other human beings that populate the planet. Were you?

So why is it when I am at the shopping centre that people walk into me, in front of me, ram me with their trolleys, push in front of me at the teller machine or counter - I mean I must be wearing a cloaking device!! For people, I am not a small mouse, I am a large, well maybe even huge woman. I stand 5 foot 7 in my bare feet, I wear size ?? (well very large) clothes. You just can not say I am invisible at these proportions, and yet somehow I am. So 'beam me up Scotty' for I must be wearing my cloaking device yet again.

Because if that is not the fact, then I have to think we are becoming a society of ignorant, self centered individuals who are so focused on us and our needs that we no longer see others with our blinked view of life. Please tell me I am wrong. Please!!


  1. Kakka, do you think this is a generational thing? I notice this happening more with younger people than with those my age. I also think it's regional. People here in Kansas are much more polite than in other parts of the States, such as on the coasts. Then again, I thought Aussies were exceptionally polite when I was there.

  2. I'm a Trekkie too, Karen.

    I have to say, I've often felt the same way. I so often find myself the last served, despite being there longer than most. I'm the one people forget to tell about the party/dinner/coffee date etc.

    I do think that for the most, we are living in a society that has simply forgotten manners. Too rushed/distracted to be aware of anything going on around them. The number of times I've tried to strike up conversation at a checkout and had the teller stare blankly at me. The looks of almost annoyance when I wish them a lovely day..

  3. I think being both trekkie's we must have somehow been beamed the same cloaking device whilst watching Kirk and Spock save their ship and crew over and over...

    I get the same thing, I'm 5ft2, also in size ?? (very large) clothing and also get the same treatment even with a bright red pram including boisterous baby, red headed daughter and 2 burly active boys in tow!!! I agree manners seem to be something that is dying in our society - such a shame.. I love it when someone says please or thankyou, even that seems to be a thing of the past :(

    I guess we can only hope our kids etc will be the shining lights and bring manners and courtesy back into fashion!!!

  4. On the trekkie note: Did you know that Mum is a huge Trekkie? Now days its more Stargate and Johnathan is just as bad. Mum said they used to line up their chairs in front of the TV after school ready for Star Trek and fight over who sat in the middle (there were three of them). LOL

    On the other note: I get the same thing, it was worse when I had a pram, people just don't see you. Even today a lady pushed past me and whacked her basket into me and said nothing even though she knew it hit me, I said 'ouch' loudly, mainly because it hurt!

  5. I am afraid my darling daughter that your last para says exactly what I've been saying for some time. There are still some wonderful people out there but there are also so many that are so wrapped up in themselves that many of us to them become invisible. As I head towards 80 I do find that those of my generation still do seem to care about others but this rip, tear rush world of today doesn't lend itself to politeness or consideration.
    Perhaps having lived through the depression and a world war (when people did care) this taught us not to be selfish but to give and take??? Don't get me wrong I hate war but it does seem to bring folk together and that was when we learned to go without, share etc.
    It is a dog eat dog world out there now so you best get out of the way or.............
    By the way do you have any more Star Trek tapes we can borrow?? xxx

  6. Yes people can be like that...they are pushy and arrogant and so wrapped up in themselves. Makes for a very sad life actually..for them.



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