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Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 Signs of Aging - My Way

Well we all know that Oil of Olay has it's list of 7 signs of aging

Lines and Winkles

Rough Skin Texture

Dullness of skin's appearance

Larger appearance of pores


Dry skin

Age spots

Well here is my list

Finding your first grey pubic hair - I mean how bad is that - of course you can avoid this if you do the whole waxing thing.

Noticing that the crow's feet around your eyes are now canyons - and yes you can kid yourself it is just because you laugh too much - right.

Dryness - not just the skin on your face and hands, but everywhere - and I mean everywhere if you get my drift - if not, think lube.

Age spots - those nasty little brown spots that appear from nowhere.

Skunk lines - yes that nasty white/silver/grey stripe that keeps appearing with more regularity between hairdresser appointments.

Hair loss - yes even women lose their hair as they get older - scary really.

Tightness - oh I wish I could say my butt it getting tighter - but I mean muscles and ligaments that seems harder to stretch the older you get - I know I used to be able to reach the highest shelf once upon a time.

Do you have any you would like to add - hell we don't have to stop the list at 7.

And in honour of the bloggers without make-up or nude blogging challenge I have changed my profile pic to the real 'now' me rather than the young cute kid me.


  1. I like the cute you now in the pic!

    Oh, and hey, I hear you on some of those signs - that damned skunk line takes a mere two weeks to start strutting itself on my head these days!

  2. Love the profile pic, Karen.

    I have that damned skunk line too, and I've had it for years. I'm all of 34, and I've been getting the same (really, really obvious) greying for a good 10 years.

  3. Oh what fun...yeah right!
    Who thought aging was a good idea anyway??
    Great post, love your new pic. :)

  4. Oh yay, LOVE the profile pic. And uh, yeah on the anti-lube factor. &^%$#@!

    Let's see, how about the jelly belly that settles in after 40. Never had that in my younger days.

  5. Hey good for you! I really enjoy seeing you in your profile pic :) it's lovely.

  6. Too funny Kakka. I live in fear of finding my first grey pubic hair!!



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