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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shopping With The Munchkin

Munchkin pointing to Dorothy the Dinosaur jumper "Granma me like Doroffy"

Grandma - "Do you really - would you like Grandma to get you the Dorothy jumper"

Munchkin - "Sanshoe Granma, I love Doroffy very much" while cuddling the jumper tight.

Earlier in the day exploring "Things" looking for a wicker chest to store her softies, she was climbing on chairs - "Look at me Granma", then rolling on the soft floor rugs "Granma so soft"

Then after she picked up a coral fleece throw rug "Granma I need a blankie"

Grandma "Do you really"

Munchkin "Yes Granma to keep me warm"

So one red throw rug bought.

Then in Howards Storage World she spies rainbow coat hangers "Granma look at these"

Grandma "Would you like some of these hangers for your clothes"

Munchkin "Oh sanshoe Granma"

Do you think the Munchkin has Grandma wrapped around her little finger? Not much!!!


  1. THAT is beautiful. And with such heartfelt "Sanshoes" how on earth could you resist.

    Such a beautiful story Kakka, thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh yes, that child would wrap anyone around their finger so easily and, thinking back, I remember when I had 3 small granddaughters that often had likes too. I am not sure I always was able to fulfil their wants but it was always fun trying to.
    Little boys are fun but little girls.....they have a way with them.

  3. Sounds to me like a lucky little girl. And not because of the jumper or the rug or the coatangers.

    Because she gets you.


  4. Oh she is so so so lucky. Not because of the stuff, just because she has a lovely grandmother.



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