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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Been A Little Silent Over Here

Have been off on another working trip and so no time to catch up on blogs. I am now back and hopefully over the next few days will not only catch up with all my fav blogs and bloggers, but also post some more as I seem to have stuff rumbling around in my head.

When did life get so busy? Bring on retirement is all I can say, this girl is just to busy for work anymore.


  1. Yes, let's all chip into your retirement fund so you can comment on our blogs full-time, no?

  2. I'll chip in! But so Kakka can blog more as well as comment.

  3. welcome back - looking forward to catching up! xx

  4. Thought you were a bit quiet ;) A full-time blog commenter. Awww you were made for the job!



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