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Thursday, May 20, 2010

On My Soapbox and Not A Challenge In Sight - Bigots

So I hear on the way to work this morning that Jason Akermanis has urged gay AFL players to stay in the closest - oh please Mr Akermanis - why should you have an opinion that is so bigoted.

Oh I see that you say it might make other players (you??) uncomfortable because Australian Rules Footy is just not ready.

So I assume that is because you and other AFL players think that when a person is gay they can not control their sexual urges? Sorry, I think you might be a little wrong there.

I always knew you were an idiot, and now you have quite publicly confirmed the fact.

If gay members of our society are ever to be accepted then it is in bastions of maleness like footy clubs that the first steps need to be made. I don't think it hurt Rugby when Ian Roberts announced he was gay.

I also see that Mr Akermanis thinks it is okay for gay sports women to come out - would that be because of your fantasy factor - oh sorry that was a little off of me wasn't it. I just did the same as you made an assumption of why it is more widely accepted. But see if I make an assumption it is not newsworthy - you on the other hand have a responsibility to think of the wider picture if you are going to be the spokesman for all of AFL.

One can only hope you never have a gay child Mr Akermanis - for God only knows how you would handle that. If this outburst is anything to go by - not well I would think.

Me on the other - I am proud of my gay children - oh and I treat all my children the same, I don't make assumptions that they are perverts because of their sexual preference - gay or not. Maybe you could learn a lesson here?


  1. Amen to that. I can't believe he said that out loud. Even if you're bitter and idiotic enough to think it, you don't *say* it.

  2. Why is it some that hetero men think all gays and lesbians have these barely controlled sexual urges, and are repulsed by the former and enthralled by the latter. Get real.

    Have you seen this? George Takei's response to NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway's homophobic comments? Freaking hilarious.

  3. Actually I heard much discussion on the wireless (sorry...radio) about Jason's comment and it seems he meant he could accept a fellow footballer being gay but meant that he didn't think the AFL itself could do so.

    You have to be careful when these people are quoted in the medis 'cos they (the media) grab on to the bit that they think will cause the most trouble.

    I know Jason can be a bit of a twit but unless you hear from him what he really meant when he made that statement, go easy on him.

    P.S. I remember grandma always insisted she read anything she had said before it was published as she knew too well just how words could be twisted or quoted out of context.

  4. But Mimsie, I saw the interview (looked it upon the internet) and his body language did not reflect the words coming out of his mouth - plus he can only speak for himself no matter how much he thinks he is the 'spokesman' for the AFL. His comments about 'players' feeling uncomfortable naked in the showers is the thing that got me most riled up hence this post.

    He has now come out again on radio in a interview and said maybe he is the one with the problem in the locker room but he is not the only one. Again why is it heterosexual people think gays can not control their sexual urges.

    So first he says he doesn't have a problem and then he says he does.

  5. OK I read what you say about seeing the interview and then hearing him on radio.
    My only comment is that I feel we are all entitled to our opinions whether those of others are the same as ours but perhaps should keep our mouths shut so as not to upset others.
    It is a very difficult topic and one which seems to have interested folk more riled up than any other except perhaps religion.
    As said previously Jason is a bit of a twit and like other people I've known seems to forget to put his mind into gear before he opens his mouth.

  6. I had a friend like that and she has left behind her much trouble among her children. Once again a person who didn't think what repercussions could occur because of what she said. That is what I meant about Jason.



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