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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes Fashion Is Just NOT Right For You

Now call me old-fashioned, call me nuts, or tell me to mind my own business, I don't really care. But please, tell me how these jeggings can be fashion?

Even the most slender woman with beautiful legs and behind runs the risk of cameltoe. You know what I mean - well I hope you do - if not click here.

Wear a long top - and yep it is okay, all is nicely covered. But put them with a short top and it's like wearing pantyhose with out feet - I mean they fit like pantyhose, it is like they are airbrushed on.

Today while out shopping, sitting down waiting for my daughter and grand-daughter to finish in the toilets. What should I spy walking towards me, but a cameltoe in jeggings. Now this teenager was not petite, and so these jeggings were stretched even tighter than I think anything should stretch. Now people, my eyes are at groin level as I am sitting down, maybe I wouldn't have noticed it if I had been standing up - but yeah I think I would have, it was that in your face. She was with her Mum and Dad - surely they noticed and would have said something? Obviously not - maybe they are okay with their 15 year old ish daughter hanging it all out for the world to see. I just shook my head and looked away, then she walked into my vision again as she walked away and it was like looking at a whole group of ferrets fighting in a sack (sorry that is my Pop's saying).

So I started looking around and there were more of them, on all ages, and all figure types and ladies - it just does not look good, no matter what angle you look at them from when you wear them with a short top. Not unless you are a model, and even then I wonder.

I am all for people feeling good about themselves and not worrying about what others think, but this new look has my shaking my head in disbelief - who the hell designed them. Can someone please tell me that? Do you wear them? Am I alone in my shock? Maybe it is just that I am too old now.


  1. One would think it was a male fashion designer who is responsible for this not very attractive new style of clothing. Low cut clothing reasonably OK but why not go naked if you want to show it all like that.

    I don't think you are being old fashioned but have been up to believe in at least a little decorum in the forum.

  2. I could not agree more. I detest this legging trend.

  3. Rofl @ ferrets fighting in a sack! I completely agree Kakka. I bought my first pair of leggings to go beneath a short dress last year and have only recently been brave enough to wear this outfit to work. I still feel a little risqué wearing a short dress/long top with leggings as I don't classify them as pants unlike majority of the population. I do shake my head at every second person wearing leggings as pants, I know it's fashion and I'm impressed that they have such self confidence to feel good stepping put in practically naked legs which have been blackened but seriously there are times when you have to look in the mirror and choose dignity over the fashion camel toe look! Oh and I have yo laugh at the leggings made to look like jeans... They're just not jeans people! What is the facination with leggings?



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