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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bells, Whistles and What Nots

Sometimes I feel that the designers and manufacturers of products go a little too far with the bells, whistles and what nots.

We bought a new kettle - stainless steel with quiet boil - great but when it has boiled it has a little bell that goes off - not too bad in the scheme of things, but can't really work out why.

We also bought a new stainless steel toaster - now it has a countdown display, just in case you want to stand there an watch, but then when the toast is ready is sounds like a reversing truck ... beep, beep, beep.

Then we have a Blue Ray DVD on which the display says Welcome and See You.

My car says Zoom Zoom and Good Bye on its display.

The TV makes a musical note when you turn it on.

My computer does the Mac boing when I turn it on.

Bells, Whistles and What Nots are taking over my life. I am not complaining as the appliances themselves are great and make my life easier and of course I love my car. Have you noticed this newish trend?


  1. We have a microwave and after I soften the margerine for five seconds it says "enjoy your meal".

  2. I only have fairly old electrical appliances which don't really talk to me but my new washer does. It sort of does a brrp sound when the power goes on and when you set it etc. Now the TV we have does a funny noise when you turn it on and off. Not sure why these inanimate objects talk to us as we seemed to manage quite well before they learned to communicate in that way. AND the Mac boing...I turn the sound down before I go to bed and then NO SOUND when I boot it up (I think that is the right term?)

  3. @mybabyjohn - I forgot the microwaves, yes that talks to me too.

    @mimsie - yes sometimes the new stuff seems to talk much more than the old stuff.



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