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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Next Project

There is still stuff to be done in the kitchen, floor coverings and blinds mainly then of course the big project - the new bathroom. But in the interim there is my library. At the moment I have black bookshelves and not much else. So I am thinking of getting white bookshelves and some cabinets, a nice black and white chair, painting the walls white or ivory and then putting up some Japanese fabric pieces that I have had framed. The cupboards I have seen are not Japanese, rather they are sort of French/Queen Ann - really I have no idea if that is the right description but they are nice. I thought just plain white Ikea bookshelves - so the room is sort of an eclectic mix.

Then of course there is my study - but that is a whole other disaster area - sure to take months to make over. The library on the other hand, could be done in a couple of weekends. Yep, think the library is next.


  1. Good idea to pace yourself. One large project and then a few smaller ones is the sensible way to go. Did you find the kitchen reno to be traumatic? We were without a real kitchen for about 6 weeks when we did ours. I never want to do that again.

  2. @mybabyjohn - no the kitchen was not too traumatic, and not really frustrating until the last week or two when a few hiccups occurred. The bathroom on the other hand, well I am not looking forward to that one - we have another bathroom to use, but the old one is so old it will be a major reno for sure.

  3. It sounds lovely, Kakka! I agree with mybabyjohn, pacing yourself is the way to go. Although, if you're like me, that's very difficult when you're anxious to be DONE, and all the creative "decorating juices" are flowing!!



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