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Friday, October 8, 2010


I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I am over the disrespect shown by the Channel Ten reporters in Delhi. They do these out on the street spots and the way I seem them, they are making fun of the Indian population. Sure their practices of things like public ear-cleaning are different to ours, but there is no need to mock them. Especially given that some of the on the street people have less English than others, please don't make fun of them. As an Australian I am embarrassed that this is the way you are choosing to present the Games.

Come on Channel Ten - lift your game.


  1. I think I am actively avoiding the games, haven't seen much except for news updates. I am with you though, it would embarrass me as an Australian. Same goes for the poor sportsmanship shown by the wrestler and cyclist.

  2. I haven't followed ANY of it so was entirely unawares of this episode of poor sportsmanship, however, "signs of the times" I guess, sadly. I don't see too much respect in this world for anyone be it women, seniors, children, or people of different ethnic backgrounds.

  3. I am now very glad that I have not watched any news coverage of the Games themselves. One abhors those that make fun of those less fortunate or different to themselves so black marks to any reporter that does so.



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