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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sound Of Frogs

Life seems to go on, rushing its way past, seconds turning to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months ... and then something simple, something common brings back the tears and sends me into the darkness of loss. Today it was your statue sitting beside your rose, tonight it is the sound of frogs. I know that some people may not understand how the loss of a grandchild you have never met can affect a person so much, I don't understand it myself really, but here I am in bed thinking of you again. And so I came to write ... The Sound of Frogs

I hear them croaking in our garden

and I think of you

My heart is heavy, my soul feels torn in two

I hear the frogs tonight, croaking outside my window

and the tears fall

Tears for you, tears for your family, tears of loss and pain

I walk in my garden and I see the frog statue I bought

and I think of you

My heart is heavy, my soul feels torn in two

When will the teardrops stop?

Will one day I hear the frogs and not cry

Will one day I see your little statue and not sob

Will one day this all seem like a distant memory

As much as my heart aches

As much as my soul feels torn in two

I don't want to stop the pain

In case I forget you

My Little Frog Prince


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  2. Oh Kakka, the loss of a child is incomprehensible, and the pain of losing a grandchild must be utterly devastating. My heart aches for your pain xxx

  3. I understand SO much Kakka. That pain being all you have to remind you of a life that began, and wanting it to ease but not ever wanting to let it go at the same time. It is why the loss of a baby is so inconceivably difficult, there are no 'remember the good times' memories for there was never a chance to create them.

    Big hugs to you and your family, I wish I were closer so I could take you for a coffee and chats.



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