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Monday, October 4, 2010

I Baked

Now if any of my children read this they may well faint ... as they well know I am not a domestic goddess in fact I dislike anything to do with cooking. Well that was then and now I have a new kitchen with a great new stove. So yesterday, upon finding some very over-ripe bananas in my fruit bowl I decided to bake. Yep bake ... banana bread.

I used the recipe from the Original Margaret Fulton Cookbook for Banana Bread (minus the walnuts as I didn't have any). Now it said to cook for 1 hour at 180 C, but after around 45 mins I started to smell a little bit of a burnt smell, so I quickly took the cake tin out and rescued it just in time. Obviously fan forced ovens cook faster ... who would have guessed.

Hubby and I actually like the fact that there is a crispy outside to the banana bread. It tastes yummy even though I didn't have quite enough sugar and I used raw sugar instead of white.

So here to prove that I indeed baked - is a photo of the finished product, sliced and buttered ready to serve.


  1. Yum! Looks delicious. And yes, fan forced is at least 10 degrees hotter than non-fan forced. My oven's super hot so I never use the fan-forced bit except for first 15 minutes to get pork belly's crackling all yummy!

  2. Not to worry, this strange urge to cook and bake won't last too long. You'll be back to normal before you know it. Took me about a week to get over the "new kitchen/bake off" syndrome. In the meantime, enjoy this weird feeling of domesticity while it lasts.

  3. Great save! Love banana bread. And I always use less sugar than recipes call for, never white either ;)

  4. Banana Bread is soul food!! Love it, xoxo

  5. Yum!
    I'm with you. I want a nice new kitchen, but I don't want to bake in it!! LOL :)

  6. Thanks PPMJ's for the head's up on the temp of a fan forced oven ... will remember that in future.

    LOL @mybabyjohn, I am sure you are right although I have another 3 very ripe bananas that are calling me name.

    I am glad so many other people love banana bread - it is indeed soul food and hubby and I enjoyed having a piece after dinner ... not good for my weight loss though - hee hee. xxx

  7. mmm..looks delicious :D . I've never had banana bread..will have to source a recipe and try it out :)

  8. YOU baked and I just love mybabyjohn's comment. I only have an old electric stove but I did know that fan forced ovens are quicker as all the recipes tell you so. That recipe you have must be pre-fan forced perhaps. Hope you keep up the good work and look forward to something delicious for afternoon tea next time we visit. xx



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