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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Flowers

I love the Friday Flowers meme that I often see on blogs like Pink Patent Mary Janes and Diminishing Lucy, among others. But I rarely have cut flowers in my house given I work and would not be able to enjoy them.

Recently my hubby potted up some 'pots of colour' - lovely pansies and violas - we found at the nursery. I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing their bright sunny faces each morning, so today I thought I would share.

Last weekend we planted some petunias in the garden, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy their colour once these reach the end of their cycle of life. We also started a new rose garden, home to the 3 roses bushes I planted for my grandchildren and 4 others we bought last weekend. So hopefully there will be some beautiful cut roses I can share on other Fridays in the near future.

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