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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Favourite Place In Sydney

Do you have a favourite place to visit in a city that is not your own? On my first trip to Sydney way back in 2001 I happened upon the Chinese Gardens of Friendship - tucked away between Darling Harbour and China Town. This beautiful, tranquil setting always refreshes and inspires me. The beautiful plants, the tranquil water, the hidden corners, the architecture and the dragons - not only the carved dragon wall, but real life dragons that if you are really, really lucky appear before you.

I would love to get to the Gardens each time I visit Sydney, but the reality is that I very rarely find the time. This visit I was determined to get there and yet again I was enchanted as soon as I walked between the carved stone welcoming dragons and entered the wooden doors ... and the Universe smiled upon me ... I was honoured to have a close encounter with a dragon who chose to walk towards and sit beside me for a while.

If you ever get to Sydney, I hope you find the time to visit and that you are as inspired and enchanted as I am with this beautiful place in such a busy city. To whet your appetite here are just some of the shots I took on this visit ... enjoy.


  1. This is one beautiful place I will never see so thank you for sharing these lovely photographs. It looks a place where one could relax and feel really peaceful and I can see why you love going there so much.

  2. I wish you had a chance to see it Mum, it is indeed a wonderfully peaceful space in such a busy city.



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