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Monday, June 6, 2011

Colour - Such A Hard Choice

I am in the process of deciding a colour for my study, paint wise that is. One wall will be painted in something quite vivid and on this wall will be white framed photos of my family and white painted words, a string of little lanterns may also feature on this wall.

Now my favourite colour has been aqua/turquoise for a long, long time, so you would think that would be the colour I would choose. But for some reason, green, lime green like my kitchen splashbacks is what is calling my name.

So using the huge Dulux swatch that I have for work, I was flicking through the green section and found a colour called Citrus Lime - looked great on the swatch, so off I went and got a sample pot. Got home and painted 2 coats on the wall - and no it was too yellowish in daylight, although perfect under the overhead light a night. So another perusal of the swatches and Tropical Light looked appealing, another pot and another trial and this looked great during the day but not right at night. So as they say, 3rd times a charm, and Melissa is now the great limey green I love during the day and at night.

So now it is just patching the wall, and boy does it need some patching, some undercoat and off we go. Mind you, I imagine it will be another 6 weeks until we are on holiday before it gets done, but I am excited.

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  1. Your home must be a very vibrant place. It's funny because the minute I saw you were looking for a colour for an accent wall I said Lime Green like the backsplash and sure enough....



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