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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Fairy Garden Is Growing

A few weeks ago I shared the fairy garden outside my study window on Sunday Selections.

As with all magic, new mushrooms have appeared, surrounded by soft ferns. Have you got a fairy garden, bringing magic to your life?


  1. No fairy gardens....sadly....but we have a concrete bunny and some solar lights.

  2. Oh, it's darling! You just need a little fairy figurine out there! I have tried tor ecreate something magical for my girls in their garden, but nothing as naturally occurring as this!

  3. No fairy garden, but a frog pond and the frogs came all by them self's.

  4. No fairy garden here either. You are blessed.

  5. No fairy garden here either, but I'd love to make one. Where can I get those cute little mushrooms?
    Are they weatherproof?

  6. Wait, they're real??! That is just simply gorgeous.



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