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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Houston We Have A Problem!!

You know that cute little kitten of mine? The one called Max, aka Mad Max, well true to his normally mad self, he still runs around doing maddies, running all over the furniture and up the walls, climbing the flyscreens ... normal kitten sort of stuff. But he is 8 months old now and should be quietening down, and on some days he is a little more sedate.

But 2 days ago he learnt to fly, well leap really. And where does he fly/leap to? Onto my kitchen bench - naughty, naughty Max!! So the squirt bottle is there and regularly used, but I kinda think that when we are not home he is up there walking around going na na na you can't stop me. 'Cause he has that sort of teenage attitude. Like when I squirt him, he runs off growling at me, because obviously he thinks he is the king of the house. Well the reality is much different, so be warned little man of mine - this lioness runs this roost.


  1. Oh dear. Max sounds a lot like our Jazz - who views himself as a severely underprivileged person. And he too growls when I use the squirt bottle - or any other cat chastiser. Good luck. I have never succeeding in convincing a cat that I run the roost. Wimp that I am. And Max is certainly walking the kitchen bench is your absence and probably washing his date while up there.

  2. Oh it's boys - honestly my boy cat deserves an A+ in naughty at the moment.

  3. Pink may have a point. I had a boy kitty that was not deterred by the squirt bottle or anything else. He was a piece of work. Kitties are sooo untrainable!

  4. Our Freddie sleeps all day, then goes out all night. Not too sure whether he's perfect or boring! Probably the former!

  5. Oh dear shades of Henry. He was a very determined cat and did maddies for years before he settled down and was a little too heavy to do much exercise. We still miss our Henry but Precious has become so lovable and fills our lives with love. I think Max is adorable but certainly needs to find out who is boss. Good luck. xx

  6. Hi thanks for joining my Blog, I have been enjoying your blog for a little while now. As for your cat troubles, they are like kids and grow up all too soon. Enjoy!

  7. If you are going to be out put sheets of wax paper on the counter. Kitten leaps up, skids off goes plop does it again finds out it is a pain in the butt and stops. Worked for us anyway. Our vet suggested it.

  8. "na na na you can't stop me" hehehe, love it!

    Naughty Max!! :)

  9. Goodness, it does seem that being a boy is the flavour in these comments - lol.

    @mybabyjohn - good tip, I hadn't heard of that one before.



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