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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flowers - Limelight

Last Friday I showcased some of the roses from my garden, a week on the blooms are almost at an end and the vase is looking a little tired, although the scent is still wonderfully in that corner of my kitchen.

You may remember this yellow rose called Limelight, I mentioned it had little scent but a beautiful structure, here is the photo from last Friday.

And here it is now, even as it is fading in full bloom, it is the most delightful rose, so please indulge me while I share this same rose again, a little older but still holding it's beauty.


  1. There are still some roses left in my garden, i'm going out to pick them right now, your photos gave me inpiration thanks.

  2. Just lovely. I want to plant more roses. Many more. Thanks - and you are right about the form of that rose - truly exquisite.

  3. So happy you did - I can almost smell it through my laptop - delightful!

  4. That rose can almost be described as delicious and being yellow it fills my heart with so much joy. My days of growing roses are over but if I was still growing them that is one I would include. That picture framed would be beautiful on your wall. Think about it (both pictures side by side perhaps).



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