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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Flowers - From My Rose Garden

On the third day of winter here in Perth, the temperature is a cool 18C, with blue skies, a very gentle breeze, the Friday of a long weekend. In our garden, our roses are having their last flourish before pruning, and what a flourish it is. The long hot summer and autumn have made our roses thrive, along with the newly installed bore that regularly waters them 3 nights a week.

One rose has special significance for me, it was the rose we planted in memory of the little grandson we never got to meet, it is called Shocking Blue, and while not a 'blue' rose, it is a fragrant lilac. In the last couple of weeks we have cut around 12 blooms just from this rose alone. Every time I lean into the vase to inhale it's beautiful scent, my joy is tinged with a sense of regret. On checking the roses this afternoon I found another 3 buds that will be ready to cut in a day or tow.

In the vase on my bench in my kitchen, these lovely Shocking Blue blooms are surrounded by a Just Joey bud, a bud and some blooms from my other favourite rose Double Delight, a couple of buds of a new yellow rose called Limelight, which while not strongly scented have the most lovely waxy shape and gorgeous colour. And last but not least a single bloom from a new pink rose called Best Friend - the scent of this one just blows your mind - it is divine.

And don't you think that my lime green splashbacks are a perfect foil for these delightful roses? I do!!


  1. They are just BEAUTIFUL. Love them. And can almost smell them here. And yes, the splashback looks like it was designed to showcase them. Thanks.

  2. Oh I love them all, especially the beautiful story behind your shocking blue xx

    ps; wrote a blog post about you and your mama - hope you don't mind x

  3. They are all SO beautiful. Clever girl! Thanks for sharing (now just to somehow make them appear on my table...)

  4. Lovely flowers. That backspash must make you smile every time you walk into the kitchen.

  5. Thanks ladies for you comments, and a special thank you to you PPMJ for that beautiful post about me and my Mum, I am overwhelmed by what you have written. xxx

    @BabyMac - I would send some you way in a heartbeat if I could, I sorta feel like you could use some about now xxx

    @mybabyjohn - yes, I do smile, it is such a beautiful colour.

  6. Those roses are beautiful but that yellow one takes my breath away. Now we have had some decent rain I think your garden will survive without bore watering for 3 months. We have had a few roses bloom but only have 3 plants in pots and they have suffered through our constant summer heat this year. I too felt a little overwhelmed by the comments made by PPMJ...well deserved by you but not sure about me!!



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