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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Thankfulness Post - The Things That Keep Me Going

As previously written, there have been some dark days here of late, I am so over the pain my body suffers, I am over looking in the mirror and seeing my aging face looking tired and drawn with no energy. To be honest there are days when it all seems to much ... knowing that this is the beginning of this journey, I am no where near the end ... and the endless years stretch before me ... years and years of just this. My new meds are making no difference, their side effects more often than not ravage me ... I know the saying no pain, no gain, but too be truthful ... there is no gain here at all, zero.

Today is actually a good day, so I thought it might be good to write a thankfulness post, a way of keeping my glass half full.

So here are some of the things that keep me going ...

the love of my hubby, his caring, warmth and love surround me ... the soft and gentle kisses he gives me during the day, the way he rubs my back, the things he does every single day that keep me free of pain ... the housework, the cooking, so much each and every day

the love and laughter of my grand-daughters and the many, many photos of them I have that I can look at when ever my heart pleases, which is does often. They have no expectations of me, they love me just for who I am

the love of my children, my pride in how they are living their lives, the strength I see in them and knowing that I have had something to do with that

the warmth of Max, cuddling against my feet as I blog, he follows me from room to room, snuggling with me every chance he gets

these lovely autumn days, allowing me to lay on my bed in the afternoon (on the days I am not working), with the blinds open and the sun warming me softly while reading a book or taking a nap.

unexpected things, like a workmate acquaintance who looked at me the other day and really saw me, and told me he just wanted to give me a hug, and so I let him. He does not work closely with me, but he could see the pain and the tired eyes, and he reached out ... what a wonderful person

the support of the blogging community, all the lovely people who take the time to visit and comment that let me know I am connecting in some way to people. Who would have thought that all my regular visitors would mean so much to me, most of you I have not met In Real Life, but nevertheless, we all reach out to each other when something we blog touches a cord in our hearts.

So, I give thanks for all of the above and for the good days, maybe just maybe they will start outnumbering the bad ones and the smile will come back into my eyes and my heart.


  1. I don't think I'd be game to meet you in real life, I'd give you a hug so tight it'd probably squish you xx

  2. Love, family, cats, gardens and friends can't unfortunately take the pain away, but goodness they make a difference. Not forgetting chocolate.

    I have never met my nephew's wife - they live in California, but she emails me often, and talks of squeezing me till my eyes water. And yes, it is amazing how many wonderful people there are here in the blogosphere. Touches this cynical heart. And I find swimming helps quite a bit too (mostly). Hope the pain eases a bit and the good things grow.

  3. Keep that glass half full and add a drop a day....lime green backspashes and roses from the garden, the antics of a kitten (have you tried the wax paper cure?), and knowing that there are people who have never met you who care deeply and want only the best for you. There are a few extra drops for you. These days I am grateful for every step I can take no matter how painful...I am still upright. Hang in there my dear.

  4. I'm glad that today is a goodish one for you. It's lovely that you can see so many things to be thankful for.

    I hope tomorrow is even better than today.



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