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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Apologies to Dr Suess

I don't like black ants at all
I don't like them in my hall

I don't like them in my sink
I don't like them near my drink

I don't like them on the bench
Even if they may be French (you try and rhyme with bench)

I don't want to be their friend
They are sending me 'round the bend

I don't want to have to do the dishes
But then that fulfills their wishes

I don't like black ants at all
I don't like them crawling up the wall

The cat doesn't like them in his dinner
It just makes him get thinner

Now they're on the toilet floor
I just want them out the door

I don't like them, no I don't
I want them gone, but they won't

They won't even eat the bait
Can't they go outside near the gate

I don't like them in my house
They're even worse than that mouse

I just want them dead, dead, dead
Oh they are doing in my head

This poem dedicated to the hundreds of tiny black ants I drowned this morning, no kidding, we had bacon and eggs for breakfast, left the tongs on the bench for no more than 15-20 mins while we did some other chores. Went back to do the dishes to discover more ants than I've ever seen. I really hate having to jump up and do the dishes as soon as we have eaten, but if we don't in they come in their hundreds - aarrgghh!!!


  1. Wench ryhmes with bench if that is any help. (as in "you are a lovely wench")
    Put cold water in your sink (or a basin) and pop the dishes in that so you can wash up later if you want to; or do they swim??? On second thoughts perhaps they are trying to get you into the good habit of doing the dishes right away...don't get me wrong, I don't always do mine either.
    Have you tried using a surface spray on the outside of your house as they must be coming in somewhere.
    Perhaps they are working with the bees to drive you out so they can all take over? Next thing they will get the earwigs and wood cockroaches involved and you will really be in trouble. Oh, dear!!!
    I can see you are not a happy camper.

  2. Further to my previous. I meant do the ants swim....not the dishes :)



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