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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dear Mr Qantas

Dear Mr Qantas

Thank you for cancelling my flight to Adelaide with only a few hours notice, lucky I heard my phone with the text message telling me, otherwise wouldn't I have been red-faced turning up to check in when that flight was cancelled. That text message certainly saved me from the embarrassment of having my husband lose his cool at the airport. I can see in these tough economic times how sending a plane that was less than full would cost you money - shame that maybe your staff ended up with less pay because they didn't need to work, but still they are only the little people aren't they?

I would really like to thank you for losing my luggage as well, I can see how you got confused and sent it to Kalgoorlie instead of Adelaide (ADL and KGL) because both your codes end in L. Anyone could make such a mistake couldn't they?

Thank you also for helping me improve my hand washing skills as I got to wash out my knickers with soap so I had some clean ones for the next morning, and I really didn't mind wearing the same top and pants - after all I had only put them on as I rushed out the door to get my rescheduled earlier flight.

I even got to go and buy new underwear, a top, a nightie and pants the next day, as well as books to replace those in my luguage - the clothes were on the advice of your friendly staff who just had no idea where my bag was and they were obviously worried it wouldn't turn up at all. Oh and thanks for offering to reimburse me these costs - but wait that was only if my bag didn't turn up wasn't it. Shame for me that 24 hours later it appeared, still what girl doesn't like a shopping spree.

Oh and I especially love the fact that your staff gave me a little bag of toiletries to tide me over with those absolutely gorgeous pjs - and how flattering that the lady behind the counter thought I could fit into a size 14 - shame I am a 24. It really was a good thing for both of us that it wasn't a romantic night away for hubby and me as I am not sure that he would have found them particularly attractive and sexy - just check out the shot of him modelling them for me - well I thought they were extra sexy on him so maybe it did work out okay after all.

Just got to love being a gold frequent flyer - we get all the perks!!

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