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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Childhood Memories Of A Different Kind

I was talking to my youngest daughter last night and she told me she really enjoyed my 'childhood memories' blogs as these were things that maybe I didn't have time to tell my kids when they were younger. Well that got me thinking about the things I remember and enjoyed doing with my kids - so these memories are not from when I was young but when they where (and when I say You, I don't mean just my youngest daughter this is an all encompassing you it covers all 4 of you). They are not all by any means but the ones that popped into my head tonight.

Giving birth to each of you - each so different and yet all so special, how blessed I have been to have been given you as my children.

Opening birthday presents - back when you didn't know what you were getting and especially when you were really young and sometimes the paper and the packaging were more fun than the toy itself.

Christmas mornings - the joy on your faces when you opened your Santa presents - how often did we end up with if not one of you, all of you and Dad with brand new undies on your heads.

Reading stories to you when you were young, changing the tone of my voice and creating character voices so you would come to love books just as much as I do. All of you snuggled around me on the lounge and someones just one of you and going on a special journey just made for two.

Getting down on the floor and playing with you, being at your level and involved with your games on your terms.

The lego houses and farms we all used to build together.

Helping you build cubbies out of blankets and sheets around the big tree in the back yard.

Laughing with you when you told really bad jokes, but they were funny because you thought they were - "and he was still reading the newspaper" - haven't we all laughed again at that joke recently.

Making chocolate crackles - although we didn't do it often and I must admit I probably didn't do anywhere near enough cooking with you as children.

Driving back from Gracetown and singing the "Silly Old Moo" song - boy that song went on for about an hour.

Watching you all perform - how many times did you all put on plays for us.

The newspaper you all put together one day when I was at work and you were at home minding yourselves. How lucky I was that you were all such good kids - although I am sure there are things I don't know about! Still have that newspaper here somewhere.

Watching you grow from infants to toddlers, to children then teenagers and now adults. Each of you so very different and yet so alike - all of you even with your different personalities are there for each other and Dad and I when the going gets tough.

I love you all so much that sometimes my heart hurts. xxx

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