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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Sisterhood Update

I have mentioned in an earlier blog about the sisters that the universe has provided for me.

Well here is a quick update on how we are all doing.

Sister #1 is still working hard but we caught up for dinner recently and had a great time, it just amazes me how even if we have not seen or spoken to each other for months, it is like just yesterday when we finally get together. Both of us made a pact to try and find time to do it more often.

Sister #2 has recently had to evacuate her house when threatened by the devastating Victorian bushfires - normally they would have stayed and fought, but after Black Saturday when it headed their way on the Monday they chose to leave. It was a heart-wrenching decision for them as they had built the house with their own hands. Luckily when they were allowed back 3 days later the fire had not come close enough to put their house at risk. I am looking forward to heading over there either later this year or if not it will be Nov 2010 for her 60th birthday.

Sister #3 has been looking for work and my workplace had a short term contract position that she was successful in getting and it has been wonderful to work alongside her this last couple of weeks. I would especially like to thank her for cleansing the negative corner of our office (more of this in another post). I will miss you when your contract finishes soon, I know I said that the universe had kept you unemployed long enough to have you with me for a short time, but now I feel selfish as well as I know you need the stability of full time permanent work - so universe I'm putting it out there - please find her the job is needs.

Sister #4 has continued to be a joy in my life, she and I work so well together and have been able to support each other through a tough couple of days this week (that will also be in the other post). Angels bless my darling on Monday when you have your hip injection - may you find instant relief from your pain.

Once again I would like to thank the powers that be for blessing me with my sisters, they continue to be a wonderful addition to my life and I don't now what I would do without them. xxx

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