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Monday, March 16, 2009

If You Leave It Behind They Will Come & Other Bug Related Stories

Bloody little black ants that is, invading my kitchen all day every day for months now. Doesn't matter how much my hubby and I wipe down the benches, make sure we do the dishes after every meal, put water in our glasses in between dish washing events, scrub out the sink itself - somehow we leave some minute something behind and lo and behold they find it, hundreds of them streaming to that little something doesn't matter if it is on the bench or in the sink they even try eating the sink plug. They even eat the cat food so we bought an ant defeating bowl for Jarmie that has a water trough around it, they just wait until he knock a piece of dry food into the trough and they build a bridge.

Not to talk about those horrible black wood cockroaches that somehow keep appearing in my bathroom, hiding in the shower curtain until I am in the shower and then showing their ugly prehistoric faces, peering at me with their little eyes while I jump out naked and run and get the fly spray. The other morning I sprayed one twice and it kept following me, running towards me with it's feelers flapping in the breeze - it couldn't see me because it was white with fly spray residue and would it die - no. I hate them so much I couldn't pick it up while it was flopping around on the floor, so I left it till I came home from work 9 hours later and it was still wriggling it's legs - OMG I can see how they can survive a nuclear bomb.

Then there are those yukky earwigs which only seem to appear in these hot humid summer months and love to live in my toilet and bathroom just waiting for you to stumble in there half asleep to go to the toilet with your feet bare so they can nip you. If you turn the light on they either run towards you or skulk away under the tiles - where are they the rest of the year, hiding in my cupboards or in the drains? Why do they only appear at night?

Then there are the bees that live in our wall - think this is the 4th or 5th swarm - even the pest control people haven't been able to kill them - we almost win sometimes when a swarm leaves and then lo and behold another comes to visit. We even had 2 swarms trying to get in at the same time. And when we blocked the vents, they ate through the mortar near our windows - persistent buggers aren't they. Maybe a tap in the wall will give us some honey? On a hot summer night you can hear them flapping their wings to cool the hive - the wall sounds like it is vibrating.

Now I admit I am a clutter bug but the house gets cleaned on a regular basis and the bins emptied and the dishes done but these little tiny insects obviously love us - it's just I can't bring myself to love them back.

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  1. The ant story I can empathise with. I used to get them in the cat food but none this year thank goodness. Worst thing that ever happened was when I had one of those beaters which you hung on the wall and it rejuvenated itself as it was plugged into the electricity. I found we had ants nesting in it. Cleaned them out, but back another lot came. Tossed the electric beater and beat by hand but at least no more ants.
    The worst ants are the outdoor ones that climb up your legs and BITE. Nasty little devils they are. I had to almost strip off once after checking mail in the letter box.
    Thank goodness we don't have the really HUGE ants!!!



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