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Saturday, March 7, 2009

True Love

I have always know that my darling husband loves me, even those times in our life together when he was too busy to pay me much attention. It has always been the little things, the way he touches my hair while I am reading and he is walking past, the way he rubs my back when I am washing up, the times he rings me when he is away just to see that I am okay, the way he holds my hand when we walk together, the way he kisses me ... he has rarely bought me flowers or expensive gifts, in fact once he bought me a car aerial as a present which we still laugh about - I needed it and we were short of money at the time so it was practical and I suppose in that way a romantic gift after all he knows how much I love my music in the car.

It doesn't mean we don't fight - we have had some doozies over the years, but in the scheme of things not many at all.

But his concern and love for me is a blessing that I gratefully accept.

Last week we went to Adelaide - where he is working every week - flies out Sundays or Mondays and back on Thursday nights. It has been a strain on both of us but it is something he has to do. So this last week he flew me over with him so we could be together each morning and night. Qantas lost my luggage and it had all my meds in the bag (the first time I have ever put them in the check-in luggage, and the last) and I was really laid back about the whole thing. But DH worried his heart out, ringing Qantas to check, ringing me to make sure I was okay, ringing Qantas again, then ringing me again and so on all day. I think he was worried he would come back to the room to find me dead or dying - I really am not that fragile. But it reinforced how much he loves me and how he would miss me if I was not in his life.

It would be wonderful if everyone could find their soul mate, their true love. And if you haven't found him yet - don't be fooled by the flashy gifts and the flowers, it is the little things that really show how much you are loved - well it is in my book anyway.

I love you darling with all my heart.


  1. I wonder who introduced you two lovebirds? I am sure they are so pleased they did as it is great to see you so loved.

  2. Well that would be you Mum - not sure why you are showing up as anonymous - cause if you hadn't invited me to go to badminton we would never had met. Good thing he is not only a fantastic husband but a great son in law as well. xxx



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