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Sunday, March 22, 2009

You Just Can't Help Smiling

You just can't help smiling and feeling your heart burst with love when a little munchkin is waiting to greet you at the door, banging her hands on the wire screen and yelling in baby talk at the top of her voice, then waving madly as you get closer. When you open the door the munchkin runs around in circles before running at you with her hands in the air and saying Up (well trying to anyway) so you can give her a cuddle.

You just can't help feeling your heart burst with love when the chicken, who is almost all grown up (well she is taller than me and I'm 5' 7") snuggles up to you at the movies and doesn't care who sees, just because she loves having cuddles with her Grandma.

You can't help feeling special when the munchkin pops her little hand in yours and leads you around the backyard or to her bedroom to share something special.

You can't help feeling special when the chicken grabs hold of your hand when you are walking through the shopping centre together - just because she can.

You can't help feeling very loved when a grandchild rings you pretty much every night just because she wants to share her news and our own special "how much do I love you" message.

While the love you have and receive from your own children is very very special and if you are as lucky as me causes you great joy. Then the love you have and receive from your grandchildren transcends even words.

Having been blessed once with the birth of my first grandchild and then to very nearly lose her in a car accident just before her 5th birthday - has made me count my blessings for not only having her as part of my life but that she is alive and a big part of my life.

Then early in 2008 being blessed again with the birth of my second grandchild when I had convinced myself that I was only every going to be blessed with one blew me away.

They are such a beautiful part of my life and how happy I am now to have them both in the same State - even though there is 11 1/2 years difference between them this has given me time to appreciate and love them both in their own right. To my munchkin and chicken - I love you to the moon and back, and the stars and back and way out into the universe and back.


  1. What a beautiful post, what lucky grandchildren you have. They are surely blessed to have your warmth in their lives.

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely message you left for me in my blog. I can't begin to tell me how much it meant, at exactly the right moment. Just as I was beginning to feel a bit shaky again, your email came in. It was just the 'hug' I needed, and it honestly helped.

    Thank You. You really are such a lovely woman. :)

  2. Oh you make me want Grand babies, lot's of them, right now! Your Grand children are so lucky to have such a beautiful person in their life.

  3. Mel, I am so glad that I helped a little, be kind to yourself I think of you often.

    Welcome Donna, what a lovely comment, I am sure that you too will be blessed with grandchildren. If the love you show for your children in you blog is anything to go by, you will make a wonder Grandma as well, when that day comes.



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