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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Menu

Somehow I must have missed out on the Christmas cooking gene - well to be truthful on any cooking gene! I hate cooking.

I follow a couple of blogs of women in their 30s and early 40s who have young children and who were sharing their menus for Christmas Day. Not only were they doing lavish hot food, but also about 3 courses. They also make their own Christmas cakes and puddings all while having very young children and feeding large numbers of other people and they all seem really happy about doing it.

Christmas Day for my family has always been simple - for a lot of years we did brunch - bacon and eggs, fruit platter, juice, toast - and that seemed hard to deliver hot to everyone at the same time - and most of the time it was only 6 or us. Then we stopped the brunch and moved to lunch for the last 5 or 6 years or so which consists of cold (shop bought) chicken, ham and salad - much easier. No traditional hot turkey and chicken with baked ham and pork. No roast vegies. No home made puddings - why not just get the microwave mini puddings - much easier.

So am I a failure on the Christmas cooking front or have I just been smart and done what I feel comfortable doing so I don't stress too much. I would say the latter but then seeing what other people get up to with young families now I not so sure.

Maybe one Christmas before I get too old I'll do the traditional (an English tradition at that) Christmas lunch, oh and when I say "I'll" that is really "we" eg hubby and me. But then again probably not!! I think I will just put my hand up and say all too hard and I don't have that "enjoying cooking" gene.

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