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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Smile Chain-Letter

I had an interesting conversation with my hubby because he commented that I am such a nice person just because I took a pamphlet from the lady at Target as we walked out. It got me thinking am I too nice and do I care too much?

I suppose my philosophy has always been - do unto others as you would have them do unto you - I know it is an oldie but I think a goodie.

So if I can take a pamphlet and say thanks so that a lady being paid a minimum wage feels like she is doing her job - then I'll put my hand up. Same with people who come and knock on my front door, I'm always polite even when I wish they would just bugger off. Now don't get me wrong I won't buy something from them just to make them happy, but I will at least listen politely - maybe not to all their spiel but after all they are just trying to make a living so it doesn't hurt to be polite. And if I'm not feeling in a happy mood then I just hide when they knock on my door although sometimes that is because I am still in my nightie way past the time I should be - hee hee.

I am however now less polite to telemarketers - I just hang up the phone and that makes me feel bad but they don't take no for an answer any more, and previously I used to let them do the whole spiel as well.

I suppose part of it is good manners and I have my Mum to thank for that part of my upbringing. But it is more than that.

In a world that is full of stress and negativity is taking the time to smile at someone too much effort? I sort of hope that for every smile I give someone they might pass it on to someone else because just maybe it makes them feel better. I'm probably being really naive but wouldn't it be nice to have a smile chain-letter (so to speak). A bit like the ripple effect before you know it there is a tidal wave of smiling people - could it be that easy?

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