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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sisters To The Rescue

Ah the universe works in mysterious ways and aren't I thankful for that.

Today was not a good day as you would have gathered if you read my post from this morning. But then the universe answered - my sister who I have known since I as 16 rang and we caught up on all the goss which was lovely as we haven't spoken to each other for about 6 weeks.

Then my spiritual sister rang and we got to touch base on lots of stuff and I look forward to seeing her and her delightful man tomorrow night to celebrate the coming of 2009. And this was after a surprise call from my Victorian sister last night.

See what I mean about sisters - they are always here to support you even when you don't necessarily know you need them.

So to the universe thank you and to my sisters thank you for thinking of me today and please know that you are always in my heart whether we speak often or not ... love you xxx

My glass is back to being half full.

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