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Friday, December 19, 2008

Not Enough Hours In The Day Or Menopausal Brain?

I'm sad to say that I really can't say I have achieved a great deal at work since I came back from holidays, especially this week, which is the week I should have been able to go full-steam ahead.

I just can't seem to finish, or if I'm truthful, start any of my projects. I have good intentions, I get all the folders ready to go through to see where my jobs are at and then finish what needs finishing and that's as far as I get. Now in my defense I am not just sitting there staring into space, but I am allowing myself to get distracted by my workmates. Some would say that I am being supportive - after all I am allowing my office mate to unload her worries about her ill Mother and her sisters and how they are all coping and I feel good about being there for her. But am I allowing that to be an excuse for me not buckling down.

Or is it just menopausal brain? Is it that I can't actually function very well anymore? My boss has for the last 5 years to so been telling me about his partner's menopausal brain and I thought it was a load of hooey, but maybe it is not. They now talk about pregnant women losing the plot, even though I seemed to avoid it when having 4 children. But maybe there really is something to it after all. These damn hormones, are they the problem?

Or is it just I am not motivated anymore because I have lost the passion for my job? I mentioned that in another post, and I really think the passion is gone. Bit of a worry really.

Next week I only have 2 days then I am not back until the 5th January and January is going to be a hell of a month, so Monday and Tuesday watch out - those bloody folders will be dealt with or I'm not going to home until they are!!

Yeah right, bet I allow myself to get distracted again ... sigh.

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