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Monday, December 22, 2008

Suddenly Feeling Really Old

On Saturday 20th December my youngest child turned 26 - this just days after my eldest grand-daughter graduated from primary school - then today I got an email from a former work colleague to wish me Merry Christmas and he just happened to mention his oldest son was 8 1/2 - bloody hell where have the years gone.

Then I thought, well at least my son still has 4 years before he gets to 30, but then a month after that happens my eldest daughter turns 40 - all this when I still think of myself as being young - in mind anyway the body is falling apart fast!!

When did the aging process speed up so much, it seems like only yesterday I was holding my youngest child in my arms after giving birth and it can't be 26 years ago but it is.

I'm sure the days are going faster and that there must be a conspiracy that makes our clocks tick over faster - are we spinning around the sun at a faster rate - surely that must be reason, it can't just be I am on the downward slope to old age - or maybe I'm already there.

I remember when I was in my teens that I couldn't wait to get to 21 as it seemed so old and grown up, then in my 20s 40 seemed ancient, in my 30s 50 was definitely over the hill - and now I am there and really if I am honest closer to 55. And I am 15 days older than my hubby so he will always be younger than me - still I suppose I can class him as a toy boy.

Wouldn't it be great to have all the knowledge I know possess and be in my 20s again - would I make different decisions, now that is something to ponder.

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