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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working Less

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was going to talk to my boss about working less. I actually did talk to him on the first day back from leave, but then my m-i-l died in the early hours of the next morning and so today was the first day I thought about it again. So I'm happy to say I have applied to work .8 of a full time position on a 3 month trial. This means I get 2 days off in a fortnight and rather than taking 1 per week, I think I will work a 5 day week and a 3 day week.

So now it is in the hands of up line bosses, my boss has endorsed the trial, but there are another 3 levels to go - don't' you love the red tape of government!!

If all goes well by the middle of January all will be approved.

I hope I can managed on the reduced wage, hubby assures me it will be fine, so fingers crossed all be approved soon.

I am really looking forward to the extra time so I can do things like go to lunch with my daughters or my friends. Do some scrapbooking, reading, go to the movies or just get back to my family tree. And of course the sleep ins will be nice.

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