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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Very Proud Grandma

Today my eldest granddaughter graduated from primary school. She was also awarded a Citizenship Award and she actually got up and accepted it in front of the whole school. This may not seem a big deal - but for her this is a huge achievement in itself. Just before her 5th birthday she was in a car that was T-Boned by a semi-trailer - luckily for her it was only the truck part and not the trailer as well or she wouldn't be here at all. She was left in a coma for a few days and as a result of her brain injury suffers from epilepsy and learning difficulties. She is 12 years old, but probably has a learning age of about 7 and so has been in a Special Ed class for about 4 years. To look at her you can't see that there is anything wrong, she looks just like all other 12 year old girls, albeit a tall one. But for her family that has seen her struggle to learn, to have self-confidence, today was a huge step. In the past she has been extremely reluctant to get up in front of the school to accept her honour certificates - today she handled it like a pro. Her award was for the way she cares for all those around her, she is like a little mother hen making sure all the younger children in special ed are okay. She always put others before herself, she truly has a heart of gold. This child who before the accident had so much in front of her now struggles to keep up in a world that is fast passing her by, she is aware she is different and this is part of why she is so self-conscious - but today she stood up proudly, walked to the front and shook the teachers hand, and never has a grandma's heart been so proud. Well done my little chicken, grandma loves you with all her heart.


  1. Hello Beautiful...
    Here I am sitting in all my uncovered glory cos I have been having my own personal heatwave caused by an overflow of emotion as I have been reading you in black and white. I see you as I always have, someone who has integrity, is honest, respectful, and has grace...
    I learned something, register before making comment cos if you don't... you lose all of your thoughts in black and white cos you know that once on paper so to speak, the menopausal mind lets go and retrieval can be near impossible. Well I know that all I'm left with, is a sense of what was. I'm told that my mind will return at some time in the future although some what altered.
    I feel honoured to share your journey....

  2. Oh how our menopausal minds trick us! While most of the time I love being a women there are some moments when being a man may not be too bad and hot flushes would be one of those. Thank you for lovely words there has been some spilling of tears when I write but I think it is good for me to get it out there. xxx



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