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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time Away & The Beauty Of Nature

Part of my job is to work on implementing a new sign system for the national parks in Western Australia and so a colleague and I drove up to Jurien Bay on Weds/Thurs to visit a couple of national parks and the sites within them.  With all that has gone on this last week a couple of days away seemed like a burden rather than an adventure.  But once we were on the road, I so began to look forward to seeing the results of all the work our team had done.  The drive itself was longish as there were roadworks and heavy rain to start with, but we ended up with blue skies the closer we got to Jurien.  Once there we were met by another colleague and took a trip out to one of the parks to view the recently installed signs - and they looked great. 

For those of you who don't know, the northern sandplains are the home of many a kangaroo tick.  If you have every had one attach itself to your skin it is quite freaky, the fact I had one a few years ago that nestled behind my knee for a week without me knowing was particularly off-putting, so I was super careful while up there. 

It is also home to some amazing landscape and land forms, blue waters and white sands, blue sky and gusty coastal winds although hot when out of the wind.  

We stopped for lunch at Sandy Bay and I could not resist taking off my shoes and frolicking at the water's edge - although for some reason none of my colleagues joined me - perhaps they thought I was a little crazy.  But having that cold water lapping at my toes and rushing around my feet as the waves came in and out was so refreshing.  If I had been on my own I think I would have stripped down to my underwear and gone for a swim.  Which for those of you who know me would not be a pretty sight, I am after all a little (or a lot depending on your point of view) on the large size.  I miss swimming, I love floating in the cold water but I allow my size to influence me - I am not comfortable letting anyone see me in anything but a fully dressed state.  I admire larger women who are comfortable with their bodies but it is something I have always struggled with.

The next morning we drove out to the Pinnacles Desert to inspect more signs and the newly opened Visitor Centre - well worth a look if you are up that way.  It was a beautiful cool morning and we saw kangaroos and emus - some a little too close for comfort given we were in a car!!

The trip was worth the effort, I nice chance to reaffirm one's worth from a work point of view, a great chance to catch up with country based work colleagues and to share time with one of my city based work friends.

Isn't it strange that sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to actually appreciate other things more fully.

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